KiiS – (Keep Tracking Intelligent Injection System) and SmartCard

How could you be sure that the right amount of chemical, neither over dosage nor under dosage, has been applied at a given area enough to be able to provide effective control over the promised period of time? It is impossible, for both the company and the customers, without our KiiS system.

KiiS is a robotic, computerized all in one chemical injection controller. It takes input about the structure information; then calculates the required amount of chemical as well as the required time to complete the injection. Once the injection information is ready, KiiS executes the injection cycle, open, time and close the valve. It then records the injection information in the SmartCard to be transferred to the computer database for further reporting.

KiiS System Console is the injection controller that executes the injection cycle and records the information into the SmartCard. Control Box is a central storage for all the chemical hose for safe keeping and easy identification.


Control Box
KiiS System Console
KiiS SmartCard