General Pest Management Control


The processing and using chemicals to handle with insects and rodent as carriers of disease.

There are 4 processing to best elimination insects and rodent that consist of IPM – Integrated Pest Management, appropriately mechanical, efficiency chemicals, and professional staff. With these services we are ready to provide to you with satisfaction result.

1. Efficiency method and result with IPM – Integrated Pest Management

King Service is a provider who eliminate insects and rodent as carriers of disease.
Our processing is referable with IPM (Integrated Pest Management), that is technical matter used and guaranteed by professional.

1.1 Preliminary Inspection

Preliminary Inspection will be done where always find out problems such as bathroom, kitchen, storeroom, basement, drains, including crack of partition.

1.2 Monitoring and Identification

We need to monitoring amount of insects and classify type of insects first, then planning with next procedure for the best outcome.

1.3 Planning and Control

Planning and control insects and pests with appropriately area and surrounding can be divided into 3 types, sanitation and environmental alteration, mechanical control, and chemical control.

1.3.1 Sanitation and Environmental Alteration

The efficiency long-term result and safest method sanitation and environmental alteration should be given cooperation by house owner. For example, calking of leaking roof will reduce humidity and prevent termites. Preventing of insects with calking crack on partition, closed the drains by net or sieve for preventing rodents. Appropriate trash management to reduce rodents and cockroaches, or installed air curtain at the doors will reduce mosquitoes.

1.3.2 Mechanical Control

Mechanical control is an efficiency method to control amount of insects and rodents for example installing rattrap or another type of insects.

1.3.3 Chemical Control

Chemical control will be used when we only find out amount of insects so it would be great method to instantly reduce insects. However, the staff should be experienced and much more careful while action because of some chemicals will be used to control insects and depends on class of insects and areas.

1.4 Post-Inspection, Evaluation and Reporting

Post-inspection at the area where found the insects problem, then we’ll evaluate and reporting problem to apply with the next event. Importantly, we’ll summarize whole point in each event.

No. Chemicals Names Thai FDA Licence No. Details
1 Fipforce Powder CAS no. 435/2552 AI – Fipronil 0.5% W/W Fipforce Powder for termite
2 Termina 10 SL CAS no. 458/2552 AI – Imidacloprid 10% W/V Chemical water for termite
3 MaxxThor 10 SC CAS no. 601/2554 AI – Bifenthrin 10% W/V Chemical water for termite, ants, and cockroaches
4 Temprid SC CAS no. 1075/2555 AI – Imidacloprid 21% W/W and Beta-Cyfluthrin 10.5% W/W Chemical water for ants and cockroaches
5 Terro PCO CAS no. 135/2556 AI – Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate 5.4% W/W Baiting water for ants as internal building
6 MaxForce Forte CAS no. 1710/2554 AI – Fipronil 0.05% W/W Gel baits for cockroach as internal building
7 MaxForce Quantum CAS no. 316/2555 AI – Imidacloprid 0.03% W/W Baiting water for ants as internal building
8 Bromadioguard CAS no. 595/2553 AI – Bromadiolone 0.005% W/W Ratsbane
9 Temecal CAS no. 383/2554 AI – Temephos 1% W/W Chemical powder for mosquitoes larva
10 Zypertac 25 EC เลขที่ วอส. 1283/2554 AI – Cypermethrin 25% W/V Chemical water for mosquitoes
11 Aqua K-Othrine CAS no. 253/2555 AI – Deltamethrine 2.0% W/W Chemical water for mosquitoes