SwingJet – 360 Degree Injection Nozzle


SwingJet is a 360 degree injection nozzle specially designed and calibrated by King Service Center in order to distribute the chemical once installed under the foundation of the structure.

It has a unique spraying pattern from a conventional reticulation system. SwingJet would spray most of the chemical into the foundation beam, which is a primary invasion route for termite, to provide superior protection to the structure. Made from Duracon plastic, the unit is highly resistant to chemical corrosion as well as the friction from the spinning action of the nozzle. The nozzle was also designed to be bigger than the conventional nozzle with the size of 3 mm. this ensures that the chemical would not be able to clog the nozzle. We also select the chemical hose that is chemical resistant and flexible to prevent it from leaking or breaking. All of these elements ensure that the chemical treatment and re-treatment would be fully effective.

SwingJet Chemical Distribution