King Service Center is an expert in our professionalism in providing scientific based pest control consultation and service, founded by Mr. Suchart Leelayouthyotin, our President. We, as one of the Pest Control Industry leaders in Thailand, have been “Keeping Pests in Their Places” since 1977.

With safety and quality as our main business priorities and commitments, our services offered to our clients are based on the internationally adopted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) concept, which emphasizes on effective and careful inspection, planning, execution, monitoring and reporting.

We were the first to have registered and have been presented a pest control operating license from the Thai Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health, numbered 1/2523 in the year 1980.

During our 4 decades in the business, we have always been relentless and passionate in achieving best results possible for our clients through education from leading universities in the United States such as Pennsylvania State University and Purdue University in order to continuously improve our knowledge in service techniques and new equipment.





Over the past 4 decades, our vision remains solid and focused which is “To be an innovative leader in termite and pest control services in the South East Asian region. Delivering the best, uncompromising service quality at the highest safety level to our customers”



C – Chemical: Quality and Safety
We carefully select only the chemicals that are safe yet highly effective for both our customers and technicians performing the application. All the chemicals we use must pass both field and lab tests, and are registered to the Thai FDA. 

E – Equipment: Right Tools for the Job
Only the best equipment, such as KiiS, SwingJet, KingFoam and ProBAIT that meet up with the quality excellence standard which are proven to be of the latest technologies are in use, thus safe and highly effective for both operators and clients. All the tools and equipment are regularly checked and maintained by our quality assurance team for operation readiness.

M – Management: Effective and Efficient
Our manage system is being implemented for the highest efficiency and effectiveness. The system is operated by professionals, our call center team supports more than 30 telephone lines in order to provide adequate information and after sales service support, assisting by a secured computer database providing for a quick, accurate access and reporting.

T – Training: Put the Right Man to the Job
At King Service Center, a continuous personnel training has been implemented, not only in specialized pest control techniques, but also in safety practice, etiquette, as well as good service-mind. With more than 40 years of working experience with us, the trainers are ready to train both newly recruited members as well as the existing members who need to re-tested.



  • P – Punctuation
  • Q – Quality
  • R – Reliability
  • S – Sincerity